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Lorna Brooke Village
3659 Lorna Rd., Ste. 111
Hoover, AL 35216
(across from Arby's at the Data Dr. Intersection)

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NEWS:I am happy to announce that our new Comfort Craft tables have arrived. We have 2 Comfort Craft Model 800 Mid-Split Electric tables. The mid-split means that the table can bend up to a 40 angle, which aids to open the back (9) or with a steeper angle can be used to assist in stretching.

We also have a new therapist on staff. I'd like to welcome Kerri Sherrod to the Stellar Massage family. Kerri has 4 years of spa experience and excels at Relaxation to Light to Moderate Deep Tissue. I personally prefer DEEP deep tissue massage, but I found that she was very effective at working my trouble areas and I think she will be perfect for those wanting a gentler, but effective touch. ________________________________________







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Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sports, **Pregnancy   Couple's Massage  
DEEP Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release     60 Minutes $130
  30 Minutes $ 40     90 Minutes $185
  60 Minutes $ 70     2 Hours $240
  90 Minutes $100        
  2 Hours $130   Hot Stone Massage: 90 Minutes $120
Add Ons:          
  Stellar Upgrade $ 20   3-20 Minute Sessions in 8 Days $80
  30 Minute Far Infrared Sauna Session $ 20        
Outcall Fee: Table Massage $ 50        
Outcall Chair Massage
Employer Paid *     Employee Paid **  
  $60 Per Hour + $20 Fee       $15 Per 12 Minute Segment (Minumum 5)
          $15 Per 15 Minute Segment (Minimum 12)
* Time includes a 5 minute break for the therapist each hour.
** If employee paid, payment is due before the time can be reserved. Segments are back to back, if the next person is not ready, their session may be shortened. A schedule is suggested to keep this from happening. When you make your schedule, include a 5 minute break each hour for the therapist.
Facial     Add Ons:  
  30 Minutes $ 40     15 Minute Photon Treatment $15
  60 Minutes $ 70     Hand Parafin Dip $ 5
$10 Discount if combined with a massage     Eye Treatment $ 5
        Eyebrow Shaping & Waxing $15
Diamond Dermabrasion $70     Upper Lip Waxing $10
$10 Discount if combined with facial or massage     Treatment for Redness, Age, or Acne $ 5


Relaxation/Sweedish Massage
Your choice of unscented, Lavender, or Woodsy Relaxation Blend cream
Meant to relax your muscles and destress you without using the more painful targeted deep techniques. If you ask for a relaxation massage, I will not target sore muscles unless you ask me to. Let me know if you want a light (I do not want it to hurt at all if possible) or firm (No poking but my muscles hurt and need worked) massage. Swedish Massage is a specific style of massage that uses smooth strokes, kneading, percussion, friction, and vibration.

DEEP Deep Tissue Massage
Your choice of unscented or muscle cream
If you've been frustrated in the past because you can't seem to get a deep enough massage, choose this option. While all our therapists can give a good deep tissue massage, choosing this option will assign you to one of our deepest working therapists. Keep in mind that this will limit your scheduling options to when those therapists are open.

Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapeutic Massage
Your choice of unscented or muscle cream
We collectively call this Deep Tissue as Neuromuscular is a deep tissue technique. Deep tissue refers to techniques that probe deep into the tissue and/or that target specific problems in order to break up adhesions and relax and lengthen a muscle. Neuromuscular therapy is used when a muscle impinges on a nerve and results in feelings such as pain, burning, tingling, or numbness in a remote area which is served by that nerve. With this technique, static pressure is applied to the triggerr point to relax the trigger and relieve the pressure. Really sore and tight muscles may be able to take only light pressure, but we would apply it to the pain tolerance level you choose to maximize the benefit of the massage within your selected pain tolerance.

3 20-Minute Sessions in 8 Days
Your choice of unscented or muscle cream
These sessions are for intense work in one area to be completed in 8 days. 20 minutes worked in one area. 3 days later when the tenderness is gone you return for a 2nd session, and 3 days later for a 3rd session. We do not usually offer 20 minute sessions. These have a purpose and any session not completed within 10 days is forfeit.

Sports Massage
Your choice of unscented or muscle cream
Sports Massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to reduce muscle tension, and to promote flexibility and to prevent injury.

Myofacial Release
A slower, more gentle alternative to deep work.
Fascia is connective tissue that lines your skin, muscles, nerves, organs, and even the cells of your body. Fascia runs uninterrupted from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and like a sweater caught by a nail, tension on one area of fascia can affect areas seemingly unconnected in a more remote area of your body. Ever feel crunchiness when you rub a sore area? That is most likely fascia, which instead of being in a gel like state has become more glue-like and is sticking. Myofascia release is slower and gentler than deep tissue massage. It concentrates on relieving pain by releasing restrictions in the connective tissue and returning it to a gel-like state. It is often combined with muscle energy techniques that gently work and stretch muscles to relax muscle tension, promote flexibility, and increase range of motion. Because it is a slower technique, Myofacial Release is usually a targeted session and not full body.

Pregnancy Massage
Relax with a sideline position massage using unscented or Lavender Cream.

Miscarriage is more common during the first trimester of pregnancy. While massage has not been determined to increase this risk during a normal, healthy pregnancy, your doctor should be consulted prior to receiving massage, especially in the first trimester. Following are some, but not all conditions that require your doctor's permission prior to receiving a pregnancy massage.
**High Risk Pregnancy
**Previous pre-term labor
**Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
**Severe Swelling
**Sudden severe headache
**Recently gave birth

Prenatal massage is tailored to the needs of the expectant mother and is safe at any time during pregnancy, though after 13 weeks the mom to be will not be allowed to lie on her stomach. We use pillows to position and support her in a sideline position to ensure that both the mother and baby are as comfortable as possible. Prenatal massage differs in that some parts of the body are avoided and special attention is paid to pregnancy related issues. While we will still work tight muscles, we will go no firmer than a hurts so good on our pain scale. Prenatal massage can reduce stress and anxiety, take away aches that are in the joints and muscles, and lessen swelling in the arms and legs.

Geriatric/Comforting Touch Massage
A gentle, very light massage. This is ideal for elderly or ill clients who desire comforting touch and the relaxation and increased circulation it brings.

Far Infrared Sauna Session
30 minute sessions to destress, relax sore musles, and detoxify.
Infrared is a specific wave length of light and is the safest and most beneficial of the sun's rays. The light is not red, and cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is in the spectrum just below red light. It is felt as gentle, comfortable, radiant heat. Some of the benefits of far infrared rays are that it increases cardiovascular circulation, strengthens the immune system, relieves stress and tight muscles, burns calories, relieves pain, skin purification, and helps rid the body of waste and toxins.

Because the benefit from a Far Infrared Sauna is derived from the penetration of the infrared energy while the heater is running, the goal is to keep the heater running. While you will sweat profusely, Far Infrared Saunas generally range from 120-140 degrees, which is much lower than a steam sauna. You will be lying on a table with the sauna over you and your head outside the sauna. We place cold packs under your neck and over your eyes, so while your body will sweat, most people feel quite comfortable.

Detox Body Treatment Trio
Hungarian Peat Moor Mud Wrap, Far Infrared Sauna Session, and Massage. The 90 minute session includes about 30 minutes of massage and the 2 hour session includes about an hour of massage. Click the title for detailed information.

Far Infrared Sauna and Sports Massage
Relax and detox those muscles with a 30 Minute Sports Massage and 30 Minutes in the Far Infrared Sauna.

Stellar Signature Upgrade
Enhance your massage with Stellar Massage's signature integration of hot towels and hot stones into your massage.

Also available is a Respiration Blend cream to clarify nasal passages and ease congestion, has a camphorous aroma

Custom Aromatherpay Creams
Custom Aromatherapy Creams are available with at least a days advance notice. Please see list of essential oils available and their properties under the Aromatherapy tab. You must specify the oil(s), I won't mix based on a vague idea, like something floral or good for your skin because I may pick a scent you don't care for. Most oils are at no additional charge, but Jasmine, Sandalwod, and Helichrisium cost 70 cents per drop and Chamomile is 30 cents a drop. I use about 10 drops of oil per application.

Outcall Table Massage
We will drive up to 30 minutes to your home or hotel to perform a table massage. A $50 transportation and setup fee applies in addition to our regular fees. Hot Stones and other specialty massages are not available as we do not transport special equipment and supplies. Parking must be available on site and must be free or added to the fee.

You are reserving a specific period of time. If you are not ready for your massage at the appointed time, your massage may need to be shortened, but the fee will not be reduced. Please plan your schedule to allow you to be home, off the phone, and ready to get on the table.

Outcall Chair Massage
Serving the Birmingham, Alabama Metro Area
Mobile Massage in your office
Chair Massage is one of the best ways for employers to show appreciation for their employees and boost morale and productivity. Offering Chair Massage increases satisfaction with the employer, increases loyalty, and leads to a happier work environment. Not only does chair massage lower stress, it addresses muscle tension that distracts employees and reduces productivity. This tension can even lead to injury and time lost from work. You can make chair massage a regular event, part of an employee appreciation day, a perk for those celebrating their anniversary with the company or their birthday month, or part of an office party. Whatever the reason, your employees are sure to be excited!

Chair massage is not performed at the employees desk, it it performed on a special chair we provide. We will need a small empty office or at least 30 square feet of clear space. A schedule must be prepared ahead of time to ensure that employees know when they are to receive their massage so we can get every one in and leave on time. A 5 minute break each hour must be included in the schedule. Parking must be available on site and must be free or added to the fee.

You are reserving a specific period of time overall, not per person. If you are not ready for us to set up at the appointed time, or your employees are not ready at their appointed times, their massage time may need to be shortened, but the fee will not be reduced.

Facials deep clean your face, removing excess subum and pollution, grease, and dirt picked up from your environment. Blackheads and dead skin are removed during exfoliation. The skin is tightened and firmed during the treatment and the whole process is finished by a good deep moisurizer.

The 30 Minute Facial Consists of: Cleansing, Steam with deep exfoliation mask or scrub, extractions if necessary, hand and arm massage including moisturizer (with sunscreen if daytime), and a facial moisturizer with face massage.

The 60 Minute Facial Consists of: Cleansing, Steam with deep exfoliation mask or scrub, extractions if necessary, hand and arm massage including moisturizer, treatment mask (replenishing/nourishing) with neck and shoulder massage, and a facial moisturizer with face massage.

Diamond Dermabrasion
Diamond Dermabrasion is a skin resurfacing procedure that sands off the top layer of skin, stimulating collagn production and revealing skin that appears younger and smoother with smaller pores. It can also enhance circulation and lymph flow, improving the health of your skin.

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