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License #1866 & #929529
Diamondhead Building, Hwy 31
1957 Hoover Court, Ste. 206
Hoover, AL 35226
(Behind Wells Fargo in the white office building) (205) 623-1177
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Oncology Massage:

Oncology Massage is massage that is customized for the unique needs of someone receiving treatment, or who has received treatment for cancer. Damage to the lymphatic system, effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatment, ports, medical devises... all need specific adjustments made to the massage even decades after treatment.. I have received the special training to make the adjustments needed and now offer Oncology Massage. You must fill out the "Oncology Client Health Form" and return it a few days prior to your first massage.

We Have Moved!

We have moved to the Diamondhead building in the Hoover Court Shopping Center, behind Wells Fargo in the white office building. It is on the far left of the same shopping center as the Jefferson County Revenue Office.

We have a 4th treatment room, a larger couple's room, and a bathroom off reception. Clients will also find that they have more privacy as the rooms open onto an interior hallway seperate from reception.

We Have a Wait List!

Our booking service includes a wait list.

If we are booked for the time you would like. You can specify what therapist, date and time period you would like to be wait listed for. If we have an opening come up, we will call and/or email that we have an opening and the first to respond will get the spot.

Check out our Comfort Craft tables!

We have 2 Comfort Craft Model 800 Mid-Split Electric tables. The mid-split means that the table can bend up to a 40 angle, which aids to open the back (9) or with a steeper angle can be used to assist in stretching. This is the table under all our padding and sheets in 2 of our 3 rooms.
One of Our Comfort Craft Mid Split Electric Tables


  • Where is your CBD grown and how potent is it?
  • What are the benefits of a topical CBD cream?
  • How does CBD lotion work?
  • Why use a lotion instead of an oil?
  • Is your CBD lotion full spectrum and will it show up in a urinalysis?
  • Is CBD addicting?
  • Can you overdose on CBD? Is it safe? What are the side effects?
  • How much CBD should you use?

  • Where is your CBD grown and how potent is it?

    The hemp used is organic Colorado hemp Certified by the US Hemp Authority. Our CBD extract is derived using kosher cold press extraction and is 3rd party tested. The CBD is in a lotion base and is 1500mg CBD per 30ml (50mg per ml). We can dilute it if requested. A copy of the Certificate of Analysis for the current batch is availabe

    What are the benefits of topical CBD cream?

    Emma Chasen, co-founder of Eminent Consulting Firm, a cannabis education and consultancy firm, is quoted as saying: "It can be used to reduce pain and inflammation and/or help in the management of skin disorders when applied topically.

    I've seen and read empirical evidence that it aids in reducing stress and anxiety, but was unable to find any studies to back up that claim. CBD has not been legal very long in the US or other countries so there are not a lot of studies yet.

    University of Colorado research explores the use of CBD for dermatologic conditions and found it's itch relieving properties to be particularly noteworthy. Another paper published in "Dermitology" states "AAD 2018: Topical Cannabidiol Recommended as Adjunct Treatment for Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis"

    A Study published in the journal "Pain" stated that "These findings suggest that CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for treating OA (osteo arthritis) joint neuropathic pain."

    An article in the Journal of Experimental Medicine states that "Cannabinoids suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain by targeting a3 glycine receptors"

    Dove Medical Press published an article that states "The topical administration of selective cannabinoid receptor agents has been demonstrated to have analgesic effects in animal models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain (formalin, carrageenan hyperalgesia, and partial nerve injury), especially for the control of breakthrough pain."

    How Does CBD Lotion Work?

    We have an endocannabinoid system that regulates appetite and mood, as well as pain and pleasure sensations. Cannabinoids activate our body's endocannabinoid system by binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of this system. Our CBD lotion interacts with the receptors in the skin, muscle tissue and nerves giving relief to the localized area.

    Why should I use a lotion instead of an oil?

    You want a delivery system that will allow the CBD to be absorbed into your skin better. Oils tend to take longer to absorb and can end up on your clothing instead of in your skin. CBD oil is thick and needs to be diluted to be usable. Ours is diluted with a lotion to allow for better abosorbtion.

    Is your CBD lotion full spectrum and will it show up in a urinalysis?

    Yes, our CBD is full-spectrum, meaning it contains THC. There are two reason's no to worry about a drug test. One, our CBD oil is from hemp, so the amount of THC is within the legal limits of .3%. Two, lotion is absorbed into the dermal and subdermal layers where cannabidiols function by way of receptors in the cutaneous layers of the skin, so almost none actually gets into the blood stream.

    This report states that "Topical application of THC containing products is not able to cause positive cannabinoid finding in blood or urine."
    The exception is transdermal patches which provide a concentrated dosage and products that contain higher amounts of THC than the legal limit. I have each batch of lotion I order tested by an independent lab to ensure the THC is within the legal limits. You are welcome to ask to see the certificate.

    Is CBD Addicting?

    No. The World Health Organization's Expert Committee on Drug Dependence issued a report that concluded that "While the number of studies is limited, the evidence from well controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential." The report actually indicated that CBD could be helpful to treat addiction of other substances as it has anti-addictive properties.

    Can you overdose on CBD? Is it safe? What are the side effects?

    No and Yes. The same report from the World Health Organization's Expert Committee on Drug Dependence stated that "it is generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile." While oral CBD can cause nausea, diahrea and drowsiness, topicals do not. It is recommended that you take care if you use them while you are taking medications that cause drowsiness as it may add to the effect.

    How much CBD should you use?

    There is no universal dosage for CBD. It is suggested that you start at smaller doses and see how it affects you and work your way up. With regular use, you can become used to the dosage and need higher amounts. We start at 100mg of CBD for our targeted therapy. For some people, this may seem high, but we are not advocating that amount as a multiple times a day dosage, it is for therapeutic massage.

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