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License #E-1866
Diamondhead Building, Hwy 31
1957 Hoover Court, Ste. 206
Hoover, AL 35226
(Behind Wells Fargo in the white office building) (205) 623-1177
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Now Offering Body Contouring Services

April is back and is offering Radio Frequency and Cavitaion treatments to help get rid of cellulite, reduce those fatty areas that just wont budge and tighten skin.

CBD Lotion Upgrade

Up to 100mg CBD $10
Certificate of Analysis available here.

We Have Moved!

We have moved to the Diamondhead building in the Hoover Court Shopping Center, behind Wells Fargo in the white office building. It is on the far left of the same shopping center as the Jefferson County Revenue Office.

We have a 4th treatment room, a larger couple's room, and a bathroom off reception. Clients will also find that they have more privacy as the rooms open onto an interior hallway separate from reception.

I've also purchased two spa tables for the comfort of those who cannot comfortably lie flat on their backs. For prenatal clients, this allows us to work your neck and shoulders better while you recline.

We Have a Wait List!

Our booking service includes a wait list.

If we are booked for the time you would like. You can specify what therapist, date and time period you would like to be wait listed for. If we have an opening come up, we will call and/or email that we have an opening and the first to respond will get the spot.

Check out our Comfort Craft tables!

We have 2 Comfort Craft Model 800 Mid-Split Electric tables. The mid-split means that the table can bend up to a 40 angle, which aids to open the back (9) or with a steeper angle can be used to assist in stretching. This is the table under all our padding and sheets in 2 of our 4 rooms.
One of Our Comfort Craft Mid Split Electric Tables


The above pictures are from our 2 group events in 2021. I brought Arnold Askew to teach a 2 day class and "Eat, Drink, Ride with Commidiane Joy" which took us to a variety of restaurants for small plate samples. Spouses are invited to some events.


This list was written by a former chain employee who worked with Stellar Massage
60% = $48 + tips per 60 minute massage + tips
+10% if you agree to cover when someone calls out ($56)

$15 - $20 per 50 minute massage + tips
+$3 if requested

30 minutes for intake/outtake, clients to dress and undress and for you to have a break. (you can reduce it if you like) 10 minutes for all that
Therapist selected by clients, according to their expressed needs, or randomly. Favoritism often played.
Don't have to be in the office when no massage is scheduled. Have to go in and sit around when no one is scheduled
You can schedule your own breaks according to your daily needs. You can negotiate your basic schedule but you do not have daily flexibility.
No sales required, but you get 10% commission if someone wants to buy something. Pushed to sell.
You can recruit personal clients, charge your own rate, and pay a flat room usage fee. If you leave, they stay your client. If you recruit, you get paid the same.
If you leave and Stellar Massage Clients ask, we will give them your new location. Clients are not told where you went to work.
Electric tables that split down to a 40 degree angle or spa tables with heads that incline and knees that come up. Regular electric tables.
You can offer modalities of your choice, not do ones you don't like, and develop your own Spa Services. Perform their services only.
Fully equipped including hydrocollators. No hydrocollators
Write up on the About Page to highlight and market your skills and unique services. To new clients, you are just a name.
You can offer your own seasonal specials to boost bookings and they will be actively promoted. No help in promoting your individual bookings
No promised benefits. Taxes withheld, unemployment and disability insurance, CE help, supplemental insurance.

Most massage therapists who do not succeed at working independently failed because they couldn't bring enough clients in. There was a time when our communities were smaller and word of mouth was enough to fill your schedule, but in today's world your best client's friends, family and coworkers may not live nearby. When you are competing with chains with national reputations and spas with a large local advertising budget, all of which have prime visible locations, it's a serious challenge to get people to know you even exist.

Stellar Massage is designed for Licensed Massage Therapists to work as true independent contractors. I look for people who have a strong desire to succeed and make a career of Massage Therapy as independent practitioners, but who do not want to have the worry of being able to fill their schedules by themselves or making enough to cover overhead and supplies as well as pay their non-business bills. I also look for LMTs who share my customer service philosophy so that clients can expect continuity in the way they are treated regardless of who they schedule with.

The relationship between Stellar Massage LLC and Associated Massage Therapists is symbiotic. Working together benefits us both. For example, instead of working 2 days a week on your personal clients and for someone else 2 or more days a week, limiting your availability to clients at both places, you can contract with Stellar Massage for a 4 or 5 day schedule, making yourself more available to both personal clients and Stellar Massage clients every day. You have a professional, furnished and equipped place to bring your personal clients for a per session fee, and make commission working on my clients. It’s a win-win for both of us because if you are successful at building your personal clientele I will need to hire another therapist (or open another location) so I will have someone to work my clients, or if you do not do well bringing in personal clients you will be more available to work on mine.

I do very well at bringing new clients in. If you Google "Massage Hoover" you will see my website listed in the top unapid listings. I'm also high on the Google map. I am rated 4.7* with 163 reviews on Google and 4.9* on Facebook with 87 reviews at the time of writing. I am confident I will continue to rank well because I am always researching ways to improve my website, SEO and marketing, and customer service is a priority.

I don't just rely on my search engine results. Prior to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, I was in administration. I gave up a position as Chief Financial Officer and have never looked back. Since I opened Stellar Massage in 2010 I've been growing, learning and evolving. Stellar Massage can compete because when people look at us they see a professional business they can trust. Our phone is answered 24/7 by myself or an ai service, so people can book over the phone or online at any time, and of course you can book appointments at the office. We have a massage club that encourages clients to come in regularly but doesn't trap them in a contract. We have agreed upon policies that ensures that clients feel they are treated with courtesy and respect, leaving happy and giving good reviews.

My philosophy isn't just to treat clients the way I want to be treated, I also treat my Associate Massage Therapists the way I want to be treated. You get paid on the value of the service, not what my client pays, so you get paid the same regardless of my client's discount. You get enough time between massages for intake, outtake, clients to undress/dress, and to take a break so no one is hurried. You schedule your own breaks and vacations other than breaks needed to ensure rooms are not overbooked. As a true Independent Contractor, everything about our working relationship is included in our contract so we each know exactly what is expected.

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