Sometimes I come across articles that I think are interesting or useful.  Sharing them on Twitter or Facebook is good, but hard to sort through if you want to revisit it.  I’m going to post links here on my blog, some or most of which have or will be shared on social media.  Lets face it, at this point I think I’m the only one reading my blog so it’s mostly for my reference, but maybe you will find it useful as well.

Lavender’s Many Benefits

Lavender's Many Benefits

There’s a reason Grandma always smelled like lavender and she lived to be 96. Lavender oil comes with many proven health benefits. Not only can it help relieve stress, but it can also help with insomnia, headaches, menstrual cramps and sooooo much more.  Learn more about Lavender’s benefits and uses here:

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These are my notes from several books. Bold are best uses. The red just means it was from my favorite Aromatherapy book.