The hemp used in our Full-Spectrum CBD lotion is organic Colorado hemp certified by the US Hemp Authority. The oil is extracted using kosher cold press extraction and is 3rd party tested. We do not remove the THC as it is within the legal limits of .3% or less and works with the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids to maximize the benefit you receive. I had it analyzed by a 3rd party lab and the Certificate of Analysis is available here.

Want to know more about Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and Isolate? This is a great, detailed and easy to understand article about CBD in general. Because it is inclusive of CBD from Marajuana as well as hemp, it warns that full-spectrum contains THC and could get you high and pop positive on a urinalysis. Not only is ours from Hemp, but it’s a lotion, so this warning does not apply.

I have a full CBD FAQ page available on our website. I’ll add to it as I find new information that I think you will find useful.