We’ve Moved!

This blog isn’t the only thing that’s new!

We moved to a larger location last August. We are off Hwy 31 in the Diamond Head building (3-story white office building) in the Hoover Court Shopping Center behind Wells Fargo. Our new location has 4 treatment rooms and TWO bathrooms, one off of reception. Having a bathroom off reception may not seem like a big deal, but in our prior location you had to walk through my office and our break/storage room to get to the bathroom. In fact, lots of people had to walk through my office since it was between the treatment rooms and the break room/bathroom, so another advantage of the new location is I now have an office that doesn’t double as a hallway. We also have a larger couples room.

I purchased two spa tables (the head of the table raises up and the knee area raises) for the comfort of any of our clients who are uncomfortable lying flat on their backs. This applies mostly to our prenatal, oncology or geriatric clients.

We have also added Oncology Massage and CBD upgrades and CBD Lotion Sales , but I think those rate a separate post, so stay tuned or check out links on the main website for more detail on those.


Our building

Stellar Massage LLC Couple's Room
Couples Room


Our couples room. One of these tables is a spa table


This room has a Comfort Craft 800 table with a mid-split


This room also has a Comfort Craft 800 table with a mid-split


This room also has a spa table

Stellar Massage LLC Reception-Right



Help yourself to a variety of coffee and other hot beverages while you wait.

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