Why You Need a Pre-Wedding Couple’s Massage

Stellar Massage LLC Couple's Room
Couples Room

The experts tell us that planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events in our lives. It goes without saying that if weddings are stressful, a massage – for both of you – is a great way to let go of wedding related stresses and relax before the big day.

Wedding planning is manic, especially in those last few weeks. It feels like a lot of lists, checking that things are in place, a bunch of running around and coordinating, and a lack of quality sleep. If you’re working at the same time, it can feel overwhelming, no matter how much you’re looking forward to your big day.

This is why you really need to add ‘schedule a couple’s massage’ to your to-do list during wedding week, as close to the day as you can manage. We all know that the week or so before a wedding is unbelievably chaotic, and there’s so much to remember and you’re worrying about what is going to go wrong.  A couple’s massage presses the pause button on the endless ‘have you spoken to…’ and ‘where did I put the…’

Stellar Massage has a wonderful couple’s room for you to relax and escape from all that (be sure to mention it’s a pre-wedding massage for extra TLC from your massage therapists.) If you’ve never had a couple’s massage before, you’re missing out! You’ll be in a room with two massage tables. You’ll both receive the massage therapist’s complete attention during your treatment; just in the same room so that you can be together while being kneaded and relaxed. You can both ask for different things too, so you might enjoy a deep tissue type massage while your partner prefers a lighter touch. You’ll both be asked about your preferred firmness and if you have any areas you want to focus on.

After the massage, you’ll be left feeling completely relaxed and happy endorphins will be flooding your system. The stress of chasing floral arrangements and arguments over the seating plans for the wedding breakfast will be forgotten. Once the weight of wedding planning has been lifted, you can enjoy the run-up to the nuptials with added serenity, and the shared experience will have bonded you even more.

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