10 Fun Massage Facts

1.  Bob Hope received a massage every day and lived to be 100.

2.  Julius Caesar received massage to help his epilepsy.

3.  In 2018 the South Korean Constitutional Court upheld a  century  old law and ruled that professional massage therapy should be the preserve of the blind as they have fewer career choices.  Violators face up to 5 years in prison or a fine of L35,000.

4.  Nerve signals travel at a speed of 390 feet per second, allowing us to feel instantly.

5.  There are over 45,000 patents issued in the European Patent Office for Massage Devices.  The first electric massage chair was invented in 1950 by a man with a sickly daughter who wanted her to be able to get the benefits of massage whenever she needed it.

6.  The earliest recorded use of the word “massage” was around 1450 when it meant “the action of saying mass.”

7.  Snake massage is actually a thing.  It started to appear online in 2013.  It involves washing the snakes, then laying back and letting them slither around, which supposedly feels good and gives an excellent facial.  In the Philippines, the snakes are fed TEN chickens before they get to work, just to stop them from doing what snakes do naturally.

8.  The longest massage chain involved 1600 people lined up giving each other massages.  The event was organized by the Philippine Association of Licensed Massage Therapists on May 16, 2014.

9.  Hugs, cuddling pets and holding hands releases the feel good hormone Oxytocin which is associated with happiness and reduced stress.  Massage not only releases Oxytocin, but also Serotonin , Dopamine, and Endorphins. Special needs populations such as the elderly, severely depressed and sick can benefit from massage.  Comforting Touch Massage is what we call massage for people who can benefit from massage, but cannot tolerate pressure. Light, smooth rhythmic strokes with plenty of lotion and full hand contact as well as gentle holding in key places can make a world of difference.

10.  Massage helps to balance the hormonal system and it’s proven that massage can reduce Cortisol an average of 30%. A one-hour massage provides the body with benefits equivalent to a power nap.

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